Wedding Engagement Facts

Wedding Engagement Facts 2018

Fact 1:
Facts and Statistics reports that “Couples spend three times as much money on their honeymoon than they would on a regular vacation.” Part of the reason here could be that individuals are willing to take off longer periods of time from work. It can be awkward to request two or three weeks off from work for a regular trip. However, bosses and managers are often more understanding when it comes to the honeymoon. Also, with people’s work schedules, the honeymoon may be the only change they have for a real vacation in a long time. Therefore, couples likely want to make the most out of the trip.

Fact 2:
The Knot, a major popular source for wedding information, notes that “only one in three proposals are a surprise.” Therefore, more couples have proposals that are not surprises. Some people simply do not like surprises. Also, the idea of a surprise proposal is more of a traditional one. As individuals become more comfortable with breaking tradition also with tattoo engagement rings or diamond engagement rings and carving their own paths, they often grow more comfortable with the idea of having a proposal that is planned. Keep in mind that proposals can have elements of a surprise without being total surprises. For example, one member may know that the proposal is coming quite soon without knowing the exact details of when and where.

Fact 3
According to Red7, the year 2018 will see “663,507 bridesmaids” and “884,676 pairs of bridal party shoes.” Clearly, the number of pairs of shoes outnumbers the bridesmaids by quite a bit. In many bridal parties, the women do not wear the same pair of shoes all day. They will have a more formal pair for the ceremony than for the reception. In fact, some may bring slippers or flip flops along with them to wear when their feet start to ache after hours in heels. When bridal parties are taking pictures on uneven terrain, the members may also bring sneakers or other pairs of shoes that are more suitable for walking around.

Fact 4:
Ebony reports that “Proposers look at an average of 26 rings before purchasing one.” Considering the amount of time that it takes for individuals to drive to the store, look at a ring and speak with a representative about any concerns, the amount of time and energy put into finding the right ring is also quite high. If people are put this much effort into purchasing the rings, their partners may have some idea of what is going on. While surprise proposals certainly do still happen, many couples also sit down to have a conversation before they make this important decision. They may even pick out the ring together.

Fact 5:
According to the Kern County Bridal Association, “December” is “the most popular month for engagement.” A few reasons could be the case here. Couples may want to have a summer wedding. Therefore, they feel that getting engaged in December provides them with enough time to plan a wedding if they want to get married the following year. Also, a number of different holidays fall in December. Couples may want to get engaged during the holiday season so that their families are together when they share the good news. In fact, some couples may wish to get engage on the holiday or at the holiday party itself.

Fact 6
According to Vital Check, “Seventy-one percent of grooms ask the bride‚Äôs father or parents for her hand in marriage before proposing.” This statistic suggests what people might otherwise believe. Since some wedding traditions have been brushed to the side in recent years, frequent guests at nuptial affairs may believe that no such traditions happened behind the scenes. However, if nearly three-quarters of grooms are requesting permission to ask the daughter’s engagement, proof exists that many couples are still following one tradition. A blend of modern and traditional is more likely the current wedding mode as opposed to a complete obliteration of traditions that have been passed on through the decades.